Now Introducing KATAFitness classes!

What is KATA?

A pattern of karate inspired movements, which contain a series of attacking and blocking techniques using offense and defense. Kata are believed to be the basic principles of oriental self-defense. They are practiced over and over again, so that the movements become reflexes.

What is KATAFitness?

KATAFitness classes focus on perfecting a kata–choreographed pattern of karate/self-defense movements—while working on breathing and dynamic tension. Each class is only about 30 minutes long and is performed in the extremely beneficial Far Infrared studio. All ages and abilities are welcome.


Why should I take KATAFitness classes?

• Reduce your mental and physical stress with breathing sequences and choreography
• Dramatically increase your strength, power, and endurance through dynamic tension
• Realize cardiovascular benefits as a result of combining dynamic tension and high efficiency far infrared emitters
• Develop confidence as you grow more centered, focused, and grounded
• Watch your balance, coordination, and agility evolve with every class
• Feel the amazing difference that the Far Infrared studio makes


What’s with the Far Infrared studio?

The studio is wired with numerous high efficiency Far Infrared emitters. This design ensures that anyone in the studio will be saturated with the hugely beneficial Far Infrared rays!

Benefits of Far Infrared rays include:

• Help to purify fat cells, improve cellulite, rid water retention, and boost metabolism
• Radically multiply calories burned by exercise and speeds weight loss (the average woman will burn over 200 calories from 15 minutes of infrared penetration alone)
• Clear skin, improve skin disorders, help heal scar tissue
• Eliminate heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material
• Increase oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it for the improved functioning of all of the major organs
• Boost immune system, promoting healing, reducing muscle soreness, muscle spasms and relief for rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue


Make some YOU time today!

Each class is only 30 minutes… It is amazing how fit you become with this method and by doing it in the Far Infrared studio!
Several classes offered in mornings, during your lunch hour, in evenings, or privately by appointment!

Class times typically are:

Tu, Th: 6am and 7:50am
M, W: 8:30am, 12noon, 5pm
Fri: 8:30am

Single class—$10
10 class punch card—$90
Private session or KATA Slam—$20
APH Members: 10 class punch card—$60

Text today to get class times and reserve your spot!


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