A Focus on Wellness

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My doctoral dissertation topic began with a focus on Wellness; addressing proximal, medial, and distal negative anthropogenic influences in a comprehensive format to reverse the accelerating growth of the pandemic of chronic disease and the ravages of premature aging.
But, as I explored the research into the origins of the stress-based lifestyles that predicated these maladies that will impact the vast majority of us, one thing became perfectly clear: the bases of the chronic stress that create the lifestyles that engender the pandemic of chronic disease are the very same causes of the structural and social inequalities that plague humanity and catalyze the destruction of the environment! The precepts of Dominant Worldview, engaging the affects of their hegemonic primacy, oppress, not only the subjugated masses, but ultimately the rulers themselves, and our environment as well.
As soon as humans moved from an Indigenous Worldview towards a Dominant one, the concepts of heirarchy, materialism, anthropocentrism, colonialism, etc. flourished and the separation of classes, races… began.
Reinforced by transgenerational epigenetics – learned oppressive behavioral patterns moved from one generation to the next, solidifying the ever widening chasm between the elitists and the rest of us.
But, herein lies the solution to all of this! The brain is extremely resilient and its principles of neuroplasticity and mirror neuron concepts offer a reprieve to all this chaos!
Using Indigenous-based Wellness as a “bridge” to motivate a shift towards a more Indigenous-based lifestyle filled with interconnectedness, relationship, courage, gratitude, diversity, reciprocity, integrity, self-respect, responsibility, fore-sightedness, and sustainability, and the world loses all the “isms” and we will all live in harmony.
It begins and ends inside each of us. It begins with our gifts of mind-body-spirit. Honor those first and everything follows. Start by practicing Mindfulness and Meditation. Exercise, fill your body with Nutrition, and Learn and Live by Indigenous Principles.
Amazing what happens. Even the negative impact of transgenerational epigenetics dissipates and finally resolves. As anger, anxiety, frustration… reduce, the cognitive and memory centers of the brain strengthen and build – threat-based reactivity calms. The result? Thinking people, stress-free, that appreciate all that life, connected to nature, offers. Joyful people that are first, true to themselves so they can be as such to all others. Well people, lean and fit in every aspect of their being, who will potentially live life healthy, loving, and wise to the research-based maximum of around 120 or more years never biologically aging past a healthy 55 or so. And, all, living in a balanced homeostasis with nature!

Amazingly possible and so easily aligned!

Think about it…

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