The Key to Positive Change

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The Key to Positive Change is Indigenous-based Wellness steeped in the principles of harmony, reciprocity, and sustainability.
For too long we’ve lived within the confines of an elitist hegemony that has both nurtured the technology we all enjoy today but at the oppressive price of structural and social inequalities and the ecological damage humanity and our planet now face.
It all starts fundamentally from the inside. Practicing Indigenous lifestyle precepts within a Dominant Worldview perspective redevelops first the brain to become more cognitively evolved, less emotionally reactive, and more focused on the deeper aspects of living connected to spirit.
This lifestyle shift will change our thinking – whether we are part of the elitist rule or segmented as part of the masses. It will change our epigenetics so we can and will make the right decisions to live as we know others wish and have the right to live.
So, it’s not as much about forcing a policy change or burning a flag or debating the impacts of sustained colonialism or taxing the “white privileged” as it is about addressing and correcting our anthropogenically-induced shortcomings.
Indigenous-based Wellness is the common language that opens the connections to the ways we are supposed to live and have lived for, perhaps 99% of our existence.

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