Time for a Gripe!!!

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I’ve been in the Fitness – Wellness arena for over forty years now. Most know me. Some like me. Many despise me. But, after thousands of clients, I have a pretty good idea about the excuses my clients – especially my X clients – use to bolster their ego’s. The one I hate the most involves blaming my trainers or my program for their inadequacies.

If you don’t succeed here – it’s not about ProHealth – it’s about you.

Don’t tell me you can’t lose the weight because of genetics then tell your friends about how much money and time you wasted with my programs and my trainers. Don’t use excuses to justify not being here. If you are fat, I tell you. If you need work, I tell you. If you need to change your lifestyle, I tell you. Everything I say is backed by research and experience. I charge a pittance for my expertise and I “give it to you straight!”

If you don’t like hearing the truth, don’t come. No one is more dedicated than I about your Personal Wellness! And, no one is more credentialed, qualified, or experienced, period!

Genetics is certainly a piece of the puzzle. But, epigenetics and lifestyle are the big and alterable factors. Eat crap and you are crap. Binge drink and eat on the weekends and you will pay the price. I promise. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Be honest with yourself – workouts are tough, diversified, and relentless. Nothing is better than Sawtoothing (akin to HIIT). Diets should be mostly veggies some high quality proteins – all free range organic less processed and some terrific oils. And the biggie is relieving Chronic Stress w Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnosis, etc. Personal Wellness is not an easy lifestyle but it reverses the conditions that prematurely age us and cause death and discomfort.

Make a commitment to me and I will ram it down your throat always and forever. Remember, diamonds are scarce, I treasure those the most. That is why I never advertise and always turn away the bulk of potential candidates.

So, remember, if you decide you can’t handle it – there’s tons of pretenders out there! But for once in your life, take responsibility for your failure.

Muaaaaaaaaaaaa’s to my circle!!!

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