Choices You Make

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Yup, in here studying when I could be out there enjoying an absolutely beautiful day! But, I’ll tell you, everything I’m reading keeps confirming what I have been saying to everyone for over 4 decades – it feels good to be reaffirmed.

You can live a longer much healthier life based on the choices you make now, every single day. You need to stop making excuses and stop blaming genetics, or citing that famous overused quote “you gotta have fun, or why live”. You have to quit closet eating, binge drinking, sucking up all the sugar, using external stimulants. You really have to limit the red meats and the booze. You have to work out consistently and appropriately – not jogging at slower than 9:30 miles for women and 7:30 for men, executing the powerlifts or olympic lifts unless that is your life’s ambition. You need to get plenty of rest. You need to meditate and practice mindfulness. You need to eat 75% vegetation, 12 to 18% high quality protein, and consume the rest in EFAs (EPA DHA) and monounsaturates and some polyunsaturates. You need to eliminate SUGAR in all its forms but especially glucose fructose galactose. You need to limit wheat, soy, dairy, processed…
You cannot be fat – period!!!! For every one pound of fat you force open an additional mile of capillaries and add 4 extra shearing pounds of stress on each of your knees and set off metaflammation triggers systemically. Read my dissertation when I finish. Adapt to a Personal Wellness lifestyle and live the life for which you were designed. Don’t shortsightedly condemn yourself.

I am starting a Meditation Mindfulness Mind-Body class for those of you that feel the overload of stress and are experiencing the manifestations of both stress and burnout. Caregivers and anyone experiencing these symptoms please give me a call. 209-483-3491

Take care of yourself.

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