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A Focus on Wellness
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My doctoral dissertation topic began with a focus on Wellness; addressing proximal, medial, and distal negative anthropogenic influences in a comprehensive format to reverse the accelerating growth of the pandemic of chronic disease... Read More

The Key to Positive Change
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The Key to Positive Change is Indigenous-based Wellness steeped in the principles of harmony, reciprocity, and sustainability. For too long we’ve lived within the confines of an elitist hegemony that has both nurtured... Read More

Time for a Gripe!!!
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I’ve been in the Fitness – Wellness arena for over forty years now. Most know me. Some like me. Many despise me. But, after thousands of clients, I have a pretty good idea... Read More

Choices You Make
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Yup, in here studying when I could be out there enjoying an absolutely beautiful day! But, I’ll tell you, everything I’m reading keeps confirming what I have been saying to everyone for over... Read More